The morning after the terrible attacks at the 2013 Boston Marathon, I was moved to create an image that captured the city's sense of resolve and community. I shared it among friends via social media and the illustration went viral.

All of us at Hairpin realized that this was an opportunity to help. So overnight we launched an online store to sell t-shirts, tote bags and letterpress prints bearing the graphic — with all proceeds to benefit The One Fund, the central source charity created by the governor and mayor to aid victims.

More than a thousand orders and countless hours of sorting, stuffing and stamping later, we declared the store a sellout — and after mailing a check for $31,000 to The One Fund, we declared the project a  success.

A special thanks to Repeat Press for donating the printing costs for the One Heart Boston letterpress prints, InTouch Labels for donating printing costs for One Heart Boston stickers included in every order, as well as Crane & Co. which donated the paper for the letterpress prints.

In collaboration with Hairpin Communications.